Brexit is being used, by a degraded gov't, as an authoritarian opportunity. Gov’t game theory will note how benign, docile and bourgeois the “protests” have been. This applies also to Parliament and even the courts.

Huge suspicions exist between electorate and elected. Detail equals duplicity. Voters are habituated to act on their worst instincts, against their own best interests. Can anything save the UK from the cliff edge?

Spin, false narratives and dirty money are only effective because those people committed to truth (and reality) WON’T step out of our comfort zones to PERSONALLY engage with the millions of voters manipulated into self-harm by Johnson/Farage confidence trickery.

Every public voice, everyone with a platform, has devolved into little more than a relay for common denominator soundbite, spinning the day’s details into how-to instructions for their particular base.

This is endless party line bolx… And it’s not working!

Why’s there never any actual progress, not even in nuance (regardless of the political ideology)? It's always the same content. The same method get used. It's always the same impersonal echo-chamber strategy?

Too many are still chasing their tails barking “People’s Vote!” But with NO idea what we’d be voting on. They don't realise this lack of detail is almost as harmful as the ERG idiots holding out for magic or guns at the Irish border… Neither are actually a solution.

The number of people organising protest against gov't overreach is a tiny fraction of the 65 million who’s future may end up irreparably redefined by their own misguided passivity.

Protesters need to step out of their comfortable echo chambers and engage the people. Go door to door. Reach out to the general public one face to face at a time.

Only personal intimate connections have the power to break through the stubborn dissonance ringfencing millions of media-conditioned patsies against reality.